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The class that blends yoga and strength training seamlessly to create a cohesive and effective workout. Designed for all levels, this calls focuses on moving mindfully, understanding your limits, and then pushing past them. Flow Into Strong will help you understand both the yin and yang, the soft and the fire of your body while at the same time delivering a great workout. 

Alex is currently teaching via IG Live. To have her host a class on your brand’s platform, please contact directly!

Catch Alex LIVE on the MIRROR. When off, it’s a full-length mirror. When on, see yourself and your instructor (Alex) in a sleek, interactive display, complete with embedded camera and speakers. All you need is the space of a yoga mat for an amazing workout in any room in your home! Alex teaches Strength, Cardio + Strength, Yoga Flow, and Yoga + Strength.

The Nike Training Club app helps you reach your fitness goals with expertly designed workouts from world-class Nike Master Trainers, of which Alex is one! 

NTC provides free workouts for everything from bodyweight-only sessions, invigorating yoga classes, targeted training programs, and full-equipment home workouts for all fitness levels.

Train with Alex anywhere, anytime, by simply downloading the app!